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Best man speech templates

We have a variety of interactive best man speech templates to help you prepare your best man speech.

The outline best man speech structure is shown, along with links to our database of best man speech extracts so that you can easily create your own unique best man speech.

Best Man Speech Templates
Funny - general (free preview)
Brother of the goom
Classic, light-hearted
Spiritual, sincere
Mature, sincere
Father of the groom
Advice for the groom
Humorous historic events
The chastity belt prank
Preparing the speech
Bride gives instructions
Groom is a sci-fi geek
Childhood friends
The best man checklist
The groom is tight with money
Long friendship with the groom
Best man and groom work together
Laddish but harmless
Destroy the groom!
Two best men

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Speech Material
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